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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I have moved

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Summer Recap

Well a lot has been happening in my life in the past 10 weeks. We moved to The Duck Lodge Colony. We sold our old house and bought a new one in DLC. We haved moved into the new house and are for the most part done unpacking. I have been mounting lots of things lately with my handy dandy new 18v drill(insert Tim the Toolman Taylor "arh arh arh"). I honestly have no idea how long it will take to finish up though. In light of the fact the fact the we had lived in our previous house for four years and still had boxes with stuff in them. Of course this house is over twice the size of our old one so I would hope we can get all of our stuff to fit. I am having to come to terms with Cecil starting school in a week. And as trying a lad as he can be I will miss him very much. Also on top of that I have been having some heart to hearts with my wife and I think we need to get Sharkbait in a preschool. The reason being that when she starts school next year she will not even be 5 years old yet in comparison to Cecil being almost 6. So I just do not know if I can prepare her well enough in this next year. We had her tested earlier this summer and she is behind verbally. Cecil's departure might help with that though being that he seldom lets the poor little girl get a word in. So I very well could go from 2 kids in house to 0 in short order. That could open up the work avenue a year early since even a job paying minimum would be viable since I would actully be able to make money instead of funnel it back into daycare. This supplemental income could help alot. Because our house is twice the size but our mortage more than doubled.However my wife's income did not follow the pattern. So something has to give. We are also looking for a new church home. The first we went to was nice enough and I found the pastor very knowledgeable and brillant. However it just seemed stagnant, like everyone was just going through the motions. Exception being this very sweet girl that took the kids under her wing. I made sure I approached her parents and let them know what a good kid she was. The second church seemed at least at first more appealing, but I find myself wondering if it was bells and whistles. Of course the only solution to any of this is prayer and soul searching.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I remember

I decided to do my memorial Day post on the traditional memorial day instead of the new and improved yay we get Monday off one. I remember my dad. He was a World War II veteran I was always so proud of him. He served his entire career in the Navy caring not for advancement, but more rather serving to the best of his abilities. He did achieve the rank of Senior Cheif(the naval version of a Sergeant) and was proud of it. I remember that my dad and many other fought for freedom. I always remember that freedom is something that must be fought for. I remember to always support the troops because regardless of my feelings about the conflict in which the are involved. I may disagree with the people calling the shots , but I will always support the troops because they are fighting for us not them. It is us that they die for and risk their lives for not the people on capital hill. Thank you to my dad and all that have served, are serving and will serve. Freedom is not free and it never will be. There will always be someone that could care less about the world and only wants to empower themselves.

It is also my birthday which my Mom used to refer to as "Labor Day". I turn 31 on this day or as I have been saying "30 on a stick". No mid life crisis to speak of so far. I am home alone today with the dog. My wife has been wonderful cooking my favorite food(Chili dogs with Wolfbrand chili and monterey cheese sauce) she made me icecream cake and took over watching the kids on her day off. Thank you my love.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Winds of Change

The winds of change will definatly be blowing ours lives around this summer. The first change will be coming tommorow as we introduce our family to a new member "Zoe" our new puppy. Cecil and to a lesser degree SharkBait have in the past been afraid of dogs/puppies. I am optimistic though because SA brought her dog Koko(sp) over once and they was more receptive to her because she was a very small puppy as Zoe will be. My wife got accepted at a new school(we will call it Duck Lodge Public Schools) closer to her parents. This change in employment for my wife will result in us having to change our location of residence and well. In addition to my wife's change of employer and location, her responsibilites will go from Band Director/Entire Music Department to 5 & 6 Elementary. All these changes undoubtedly will change things with me and my wife. We are hoping that these changes will be for the better as in more time together, fresh start etc... The one thing I am somewhat apprehensive about is the dynamic between Mom/Dad and myself. We have never actually coexisted before as it has for the most part been nothing more than pleasantries between us for 11 years. And as much as my wife does not want to be in the middle the relationship does in fact revolve around her as she is the common tie between us.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


So as I sit here today. The kids are in their room at Mom & Dad's house watching Lady and the Tramp. I am watching the NFL Network and drinking some coffee. While my wife is off at an interview hoping to land a job closer to her family. I felt really bad for her last night. She always trys to make things perfect and she worked so hard to get everything prepared to her liking for this interview. Some how though we made it out of the house and missed the fact that at some point her skirt to her interview suit had fallen off the hanger. The good news is that she is my queen of prepararion and had packed a backup set of clothes to wear.

When I went out to the van to look and see if the skirt had fallen off in there. I found a bag hidden underneath the back seat. Being that it was obviously hidden I was of course curious so I brought it in and looked at it. Bills, lies, mistrust, deceit. As I got the notebook to check my email I of course found more of the same accumulated credit balances and just hidden things in general. I am at my wits end. She just will not share. She will not be honest. She will not trust me. She just keeps trying to shut me down and out. Is it my turn now? What has really changed? Why? What is going to happen later when we have all these bills payed off? What is going to happen when we have the house payed off? What about when we move to podunkville? This reminds me of an old scenario.
  • Thought for the Day
  • Why can't you just trust and share life with me? Why? I think am just going to officially declare my hatred for the months of May & June.

    That reminds me. Nixon and Juju are going to bring the girls they are watching over to the house Saturday . And while they play with Cecil and SharkBait we are going to play some cards. Spades more than likely being the game. I am looking forward to it. We have not done something lke that in years. Well I haven't anyway. I can't speak for my wife and her other life. I know the situation of course, but I won't comment on it here. Oh and lavash anyone?
  • Monday, April 17, 2006

    The DaVinci Code

    As I mentioned earlier I have been reading The DaVinci Code. Just to see what all the talk was about. When I found out what all the talk was about about 3/4ths of the way through I had seen enough and marched directly to the nearest trash receptical and deposited it. Even though this is a work of fiction and the only factual things about the book was listed in the beginning prior to the first chapter. I could only imagine what it would do some poor impressionable soul or someone weak in their faith. To sum it up it is pretty much just a bunch of jumbled garbage tying together just about every conspiracy theory conceived in the last 2,000 years.